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Take all the STRESS+HASSLE out of daily routines and activities

Special one-time offer, only $3!
Grab the Routine Charts for Mini-Muslims to help reduce the POWER STRUGGLES in your home, get your child to CO-OPERATE with you and take ownership of their routines and responsibilities without RESISTANCE.
It is time for you to experience more peaceful Mornings, Afternoons and Bedtimes Mommy!
Let your child be the BOSS and the Routine Chart the DICTATOR not YOU!

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Special Time Masterclass

Grab my secret parenting strategy to increase co-operation while reducing attention seeking behaviors with your kids.

Here's what you get in this 1 hour Masterclass:

  • Discover the benefits of Special Time, reduce attention seeking behaviors while building a strong foundation for better compliance and co-operation in your home 
  • Understand your Role in Special Time so that you can develop your child's brain optimally and foster secure attachment from childhood
  • Learn how to implement Special Time in just 15 minute chunks consistently so you can fill up your kids emotional bank account with ease and have more time for yourself 
  • Learn what to display during Special Time so you can encourage openness in communication with your child while promoting their self-worth, confidence, independence and leadership qualities 
  • Know what to avoid during Special Time so it doesn't become an avenue for even more conflict, criticism or power struggles 
  • Understand how to facilitate skill development and behavior changes through Special Time so you can kill two birds with one stone 
  • Learn how to deal with tantrums after Special Time so it doesn't become an anxiety inducing tear filled moment when it comes to an end 
  • Bonus: Comprehensive workbook to take away key points from the class and enable quick implementation
  • Lifetime Access to all lessons, resource materials and workbook
  • Lifetime Access to current Masterclass and future upgrades as long as it exists

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